Courses, Competencies, & Learning Path

Special FX Technician*

Professional Enhancement

Visual Illustration Tools

Digital Animation

Applied Principles of Animation

Motion Graphics & Visual FX


3D Modeler

3D Modeling Techniques

Enhanced Techniques


3D Animator**

3D Animation

Dynamics & Special FX for Motion Graphics


Motion Graphics Artist

Advanced Motion Graphics & Digital Compositing

Non-Linear Editing Techniques


*Foundation for all other career majors
**Foundation for Motion Graphics Artist

Class Tools & Resources




As an Animation student, you are a member of the elite PixlCrew. Our PixlCrew enables you to network with other creative students and expand your network of budding professionals. Working together, every year, we host PixlFest, where you have the opportunity to learn and network with industry professionals.

Advisory Board

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Recommendations: Spring ’09 | Fall ’09 | Spring ’10 | Fall ’10 | Fall ’11 | Fall ’12 | Fall ’13 | Fall ’14 | Fall ’15 | Fall '16

Professional Enhancement/Orientation

Orientation Videos Copyright/Digital Literacy – this information will be on certification exams throughout your training. New to a Mac?

Cintiq Instructions | Illustration w/Cintiq

Storyboarding Resources

Think Green!

 General Resources

 Visual Illustration Tools/Graphics

Digital Animation/2D Animation

 Applied Principles of Animation/ 3D Basics

Extra Reinforcement: Animation Academy 2011

Motion Graphics & Visual Effects

Motion Capture Documents

Miscellaneous Resources

Motion Capture

Guide Book 1 – STUDIO | Guide Book 2 –  MODEL PREP | Guide Book 3: DATA CLEAN-UP Apply Data

3D Modeling Techniques

Character Profiles: Big Hero 6 | Techniques for Writing | Template for Writing | Pixar Characters

 Enhanced Modeling Techniques/Sculpting

Anatomy Resources–large downloads: Guide 1 | Guide 2 | Guide 3 

 3D Animation

Final Project Files: Excellence Sustainability (you will need to download and unzip) Extra Reinforcement: Animation Academy 2011

 Dynamics & Special Effects for Motion Graphics

 Advanced Motion Graphics & Digital Compositing

Evolution of Greenscreen Compositing

 Non-Linear Editing for Motion Graphics

Project Selection Choices: – Autodesk Digital STEAM Initiatives (Select 1 individual or group project from this site)

 Creative Design/Digital Marketing & Capstone

3D – General

 Special FX – General

The Making Of . . .

 How To’s

AE Plug-Ins installed on dual-booting stations

Element 3D Effects Suite

Trapcode Suite

Plug-ins Available for Check-out: Compositor’s Toolkit Visual FX Library 3

Video Copilot Video Streams HD

Video Copilot Designer Sound FX 

Video Copilot Action Essentials 2 

Video Copilot Pro Scores

Video Copilot Series One

Video Copilot Evolution

Video Copilot Riot Gear

Video Copilot The Bullet

Additional Program Information

Check out the 3D program and compare to other opportunities on Francis Tuttle’s website!