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Oklahoma Department of CareerTech Certifications

In addition to numerous product certifications, you can receive a certification that validates your career major for free, in the following areas:

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Scholarships | Online Scholarships | Scholarships.com | UCanGo2 | JLVCollegeCounseling | About Education Request an online ACT/Compass Prep account with MySkillsTutor. Create an OKCIS Account to help you get started. Register for the ACT

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http://www.Fastweb.com http://www.zinch.com http://www.fafsa.org Oklahoma’s Promise | View ACT College/Career Readiness Standards

NTHS Students – Scholarship Opportunities

Oklahoma State University – Oklahoma City (OSU-OKC) in partnership with the Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education (ODCTE) is pleased to announce the addition of two $1,000 dollar tuition waivers for students to attend OSU-OKC.
Eligibility requirements for theses scholarships include: 
•       Active membership in an Oklahoma chapter of the National Technical Honor Society
•       Admission to OSU-OKC (http://www.osuokc.edu/apply/admission.aspx
•      Completion of OSU-OKC Scholarship Application http://www.osuokc.edu/TechConnect/application.aspx which includes a written statement of:
o   Leadership and community involvement
o   Special circumstances or financial needs
These two newest opportunities are included in OSU-OKC’s Tech Connect Tuition Waivers program which provides $15,000 in scholarships annually for qualifying career tech students.  To learn more about degrees and certificates offered at OSU-OKC visit http://www.osuokc.edu/academics/programs_AZ.aspxPlease contact the Director of Career Technology Outreach, Jackie Weston, at 945-3395 or jweston@osuokc.edu for information about degrees and this tuition waiver opportunity.

Miscellaneous Scholarship Opportunities

September 30


Interested in a JOB?

Your portfolio must be polished and ready to go!

Many jobs are posted on the announcements page and/or Twitter.
Serious job-seekers should be actively marketing work via social networking and on community forums. In addition to regular employment, special projects and internships, paid and/or non-paid opportunities are a great ways to prove your skills and should be considered. Below are links to additional job postings. Some may require you to set up an account and/or register.

FT College Central Database of jobs

Additional Resources for Jobs

Additionally, many of the forums you are encouraged to join also have job boards.
Social networking is also a great way to make contacts.

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