Holiday Card Time today, only one more day remaining to get them fnished1

Technical Skills Assessments Today

Classcraft Opportunities

In addition to those listed below, the current Quest has been updated with more opportunities for points.

Mystery Activity TOMORROW

For tomorrow's activity be flexible, a good team member, participant, and negotiator; and have fun!


Mystery Activity - In 2 days!

Classcraft Rewards - coming soon!

10 days of 3D starts today

Check Classcraft to see how many XP points you have earned to date.

Today, use the bucket at my classroom station and place your name in one time for each level + 1. I can help you figure out how many times to place your name in the bucket, if needed.

Starting tomorrow, we will be drawing for prizes! Below are the rules:

How can you earn Classcraft points?

Get those Ornaments to be printed done today!

Technical Skills Assessments/Grades

I will be assessing technical skills this week for those who will not have completed a creative blitz project this quarter.

I'll be distributing grades, as of last Friday. Before the end of the quarter, you will need 120 Curriculum hours for 100% progress, and technical scores should be added, if they are not yet.

Adopt an Angel

There is a change bucket near the sign in sheet if you want to donate anything towards this gift. If you prefer shopping, we have two boys, 7 and 12. If you are not able to donate because ca$h is hard to come by during the holidays, that's also fine.

Alex | See Ms. Cheek at 2 pm

Make-Up Opportunities

As the semester is ending, I wanted to remind you about our last four sessions of make up time…
The dates are: 
**Saturday, December 15th from 8:30 - 11:30 at the Rockwell Campus in the Administration Building 
**Monday, December 17th from 3:30 - 6:30 at the Rockwell Campus in the Project Hope Building 
 THE DEADLINE FOR MAKE-UP TIME IS MONDAY, DEC. 17th. ALL Make-up time must be submitted to the Attendance office by 9:00 a.m. on Dec. 18th


You can also check with me regarding availability of computers and possibly attend in the session you normally do not attend.


Be FEARLESS in your pursuit of excellence this week!

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11 | Holiday card time

12 | Mystery Activity

13 | Holiday card time (FINAL day, 15 hrs)

18 | Status Reports; Team meeting--Pancake Party!

Happy Birthday, Whitley

19 - 21 | BPA Project Time

21 | LAST Day of Semester!

Can paint your Ornaments, if desired.

Winter Break until January 8