Make it an INCREDIBLE Day!


Happy Friday!

Weekly Status Report due before break.

Adopt an Angel

We are partnering with the 2D Animation class to adopt a FT Family for Christmas. If you would like to contribute, I'll have a donation bucket our for loose change and I can do the shopping OR you can also sign up to bring a specific item.

Happy Birthday, Emmanuel!

Mini-Blitz Challenge - optional

Animated Holiday Card



Thanks to all who answered questions and send me an email or Basecamp message before break - CONGRATS, all who responded leveled up in Classcraft with 900 bonus XP!

PM Class

ALL - Above & Beyond Opportunity & 50 Gold Pieces

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Job Flash

Are you reading announcements?

Send an email to me before break that says you are INCREDIBLE and answer the following questions. If you do, you will get a significant Classcraft bonus, TBA!

BPA Executive Council Meeting - 8:30 & 1:00

PM Class - tomorrow we should have visitors coming through and I will need volunteers to help :) Above & Beyond, Program Ambassador = 50 Classcraft points and 50 Gold Pieces if someone shadows at your desk.

Sneak Peek



Keep up the great work, learn new skills, because you WILL need them :) We have a special optional mini blitz challenge coming on Friday!

VR Tutorials and Resources have been posted to Basecamp.

Next week I will be meeting with you on Progress Reports.



Got a full week of nothing but curriculum, so you should get tons done! I will be working on Progress Reports, so if your progress is a little low, work towards improvements this week.

Happy Birthday, Paten!

Make-Up Opportunities

Modelers - Want to earn $1,000?

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Up Next


14-30 | Diaper Bash
17 | Happy Birthday, Emmanuel! Recruitment at Edmond Santa Fe- Sarah represeting as ambassador
Holiday Card Challenge begins
20 |BPA Executive Council Meeting - 8:30 & 1:00; BPA Preparation - after break
21 | Happy Birthday, Destin! | BPA Preparation - after break AND Holiday Card Challenge time
22 - 24 | Thanksgiving Break - NO SCHOOL
28 | BPA Preparation - after break | College Expo @ 10:20 & 2:30, Purple Room

29 | Holiday Card Challenge
30 | Ornament Challenge begins | BPA Preparation - after break


1 | Staff Development Day - NO SCHOOL

3 | Happy 3December!!!!!

4 | Otis Spunkmeyer cookies delivered this week

5 | BPA Prep | Holiday Card Challenge

6 | Ornament Challenge

7 | BPA Prep

8 | Holiday Card Challenge DUE

11 | Ornament Challenge DUE

12 | Submit all work for semester

19 | Winter Break begins - NO SCHOOL


3 | School Resumes

12 | Recruitment at Edmond Memorial - Paten and Adrian represeting as ambassador

15 | Martin Luther King Day - NO SCHOOL

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