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Students interested in certifications have plenty of options. Students who successfully complete specific program curriculum and test preparation materials are highly encouraged to make the investment towards a certification that will be widely recognized across the nation. Below is a listing of our current students who have certified.

Adobe Certified Associate

Visual Communication using Photoshop Competencies

 Emily P.| Olivia B. |  Lily M. | Taylor J. |Brooke B. | Brad R.

 Graphic Design and Illustration using Illustrator Competencies

 Gillian A. | Hezekiah H.

Oklahoma Department of CareerTech

3D Modeler

3D Modeler Study Guide
  • Wesley R. | Abbey B. | Margaret M.

3D Animator

3D Animator Study Guide
  • Bret K . |

Motion Graphics Artist

Motion Graphics Artist Study Guide
  • Jessica S. | Kathryn S.

Work Keys Certification – Reading for Information | Applied Mathematics | Locating Information

These students have passed all tests and are now certified:

Bret K | Gillian A. | Rebecca S. | Chris G. | Dominic F.  | Nathan M.  | Sean P. | Heather B. | Hezekiah H. | Shane C. | Fallon D. | Adrian E. | Elvis E. | Annie J. | Emily M. | Margaret M. | Sarah M. | Paten M. | Emmanuel O. | Caleb P. | Cameron S. | Cassie S. | Sabrina T. | Peerliss H.


On their way to Work Keys Certification:

Aaron | Dehja

MORE Achievements

3D Ambassadors/Class Reps

Gillian A. | Emily M.

Perfect Attendance

Fall Semester 2017
Spring Semester 2018

Top Performers - 2017-18

1st Qtr: Peerliess | Ernesto | Kaleb | Rebecca | Gillian
2nd Qtr: Whitley | Margaret | Gillian
3rd Qtr: TBA
4th Qtr: TBA
2016-17 Top performers
Heather B. | Hezekiah H.  

National Technical Honor Society

Rebecca S. | David S. | Heather B. | Bret K. |

Quack Award Recipients

2016-17 and previous years

Classcraft GURU

Gillian A. - 2016-17 highest overall points

Superintendent’s Leadership Academy

  Student Connections Advisory Board