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THANKS to all who started the Orientation project and submitted forms, answered questions, provided portfolio links, etc. If you provided a portfolio link, you might confirm it works today--on our team page. I've seen some REALLY good suggestions for rewards!

Today we will work on orientation some before break, and hopefully be starting a new course/curriculum after break.

PM Class - you were right, afternoon break is from 2 - 2:15, so we will adjust accordingly :)

Be sure to shut down your computer at the end of the day, push in your chair, put away your pen and headphones, and turn off the tablet.

NOTE - Even though Basecamp provides instruction concerning Time Clock Hub and Classcraft, we will be discussing this in more detail on Monday, so don't check those tasks off yet.

Have an INCREDIBLE weekend! Monday - we will be ready for a class meeting that will be ECLIPSED by INCREDIBLE activities. NOTE, I do have some special glasses for viewing, and we will take turns using them to check out the Eclipse.


Are you ready for an INCREDIBLE year?

This year we will work as a team to develop INCREDIBLE skills featuring YOUR talent and effort.

START NOW - When done:

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