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Happy Friday

Weekly Status Reports due before break :)

We are planning our Advisory Board meeting later this month. These individuals work in the industry and make suggestions for your training. Do you have any questions/topics you would like me to ask them related to the future of working in this industry? If so, include that on your Weekly Status report this week.



Keytrain done yet?

Make-Up Opportunities

Neat tutorials & Resources


MORE inspiration


Technical Skills Review

Most of you will not finish your Creative Blitz before next week, and I need to assess your skills for a Technical Skills score. I will not ask you to demonstrate anything you have not covered! SHOULD be an easy grade for you :) I need to get this done this week, so you will have a clear picture of your grade before it is finalized.

As a review, you can look over the project Competencies in your Basecamp project.

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Happy Birthday, Dehja!

Mini Blitz Challenge (Optional)


Weekly Status Reports





Blue & Gold Orders due today!

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Creative Blitz - Mini Challenge (Optional)

Are you going to UCO?

Scholarship Opportunities

For Incoming Freshmen

Apply by February 1 | February 1 Deadline

President’s Leadership Council
- Students are required to have achieved 3.0 cumulative high school GPA, 20 ACT and be active in a minimum of two organizations on their high school campus or in their local community.
· **12 hour tuition waiver each semester
· $2,250.00 yearly housing and meal waiver contract for Murdaugh or West Hall
· **A one-time study abroad, study tour, or alternative fall break is also awarded during the four year program: $500.00-$1,000.00
Leaders of Tomorrow:
Minimum 2.75 GPA, 20 ACT, active involvement in two or more student organizations, demonstrated community service efforts
**9 hour tuition waiver per semester
Yearly $1,250.00 housing stipend contract for Murduagh or West Hall
**A one-time stipend for a study abroad, study tour, or alternative fall break experience is also awarded: $500.00-$1,000.00

Blue & Gold Orders due TOMORROW

Job Flash








Superintendent's Leadership Academy Applications

NTHS Officer Application



Send me an email within the first 30 minutes of class with the subject line "I am Awesome!" and score some chocolate (You can also send a message from within Basecamp.)



AHOY mates--

today be Talk Like a Pirate Day, savvy?

Placeholder image Shiver me timbers! Excited to see new skills and do progress reports.

Opportunities to earn extra XP points:



I'll be back tomorrow and will start working on Progress Reports! I have graded all that was submitted as of last Friday, but didn't make any comments on Weekly Status Reports--hard to type left-handed! Thanks for the updates, however.


Blue & Gold

Placeholder image Order Forms - Digital Copy



Blue & Gold

Placeholder image Order Forms - Digital Copy

Reminder -

I'll be out this week and next Monday, but will be checking email starting tomorrow and am looking forward to an AWESOME report about the BEST class on campus! You have a very qualified substitute instructor, Mr. Pennington, that I am confident will be able to assist with questions.

Please be INCREDIBLE and if needed, help each other--but don't get distracted--keep that progress grade up! When I return, I'll be meeting with each of you for progress reports.

Hats for Harvey