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Happpy Friday!!!

Weekly Status Reports are due before break

NO SCHOOL on Monday - enjoy a long weekend!


IF you are out of school tomorrow with your home school, you need to get your Weekly Status Report done today.

BPA projects today if you didn't do any yesterday--be ready for presentations next week.

NO SCHOOL on Monday



Happy Valentine's Day!

ODE to the BEST students on campus

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue,

Of all the FT Classes, I'm glad I got YOU!

Even though challenges and struggles may sometimes come your way -

Never give up, keep a happy heart and keep plugging away.

For if you keep working hard, learning new skills,

You will soon be a 3D Guru that can pay all the bills!

Make-Up Opportunities

If you are out of school on Friday and not coming to do make-up time, be sure and submit your weekly status report on Thursday and also complete an hour of training in Keytrain by the end of today, if you are not exempt.

No School Monday

BPA Ice Skating Proceeds

Thanks to all who participated, we made just over $400!



Creative Blitz mini challenges due today - post to Behance/3D Class Projects

Certifications - Photoshop | Illustrator | Animate

SkillsUSA Contestants



BPA Prep for SLC

Today before break

Creative BLITZ Challenge Day--due tomorrow!



Weekly Status Reports due before break!


BPA Finals have been posted and below are your presentation times at state. Everyone will be competing on March 12. We will have a brief meeting to discuss paperwork requirements and logistics.


Creative BLITZ Challenge Day--optional!

I am ready for spring! Your challenge, if you choose to accept, is to design a flower pot/holder. If you choose to participate:


Things to get done today

Shout Out

To Jeanine for sharing an excellent Entrepreneurship resource--they even provide free mentors!

You can do anything you are willing to work to achieve!

Don't be WANTepreneurs, be ENTrepeneurs!

Inspirational Video - starting a new business, making a great culture. He started with $54 and his business was respected and known worldwide, training clients from Blizzard, EA Games, Pixar, etc.



My FAVORITE Superbowl ad was a 15 second teaser that directed you to an animation--check it out!


Thanks to Caleb for helping with our visitors, Adrian for helping the marketing class with a 3D Modeling project, and Emily for helping validate the 3D Modeling project.


Kaleb B. helped me learn how to format my Creative Blitz, thanks!

Happy Birthday, Wesley!

Make-Up Opportunities--take something to work on

Today we will have plenty of visitors!

Please keep your area spiffy AND stay ready to discuss your work with our guests, who include the following groups:



Weekly Status Reports - due before break today!

Make-Up Opportunities--take something to work on


Next week we will have plenty of visitors! Please keep your area spiffy AND stay ready to discuss your work with our guests, who include the following groups:

Hoping that groundhog does NOT see his shadow today! OKC has a bear!


I'll be coming around today, assessing progress. This will be used for your progress reports this week. As soon as I get your report completed, I will meet with you to discuss your goals and progress.

If you haven't done Keytrain yet, please get it done today!

Your cumulative progress, work ethic, attendance, etc., are all factors that impact your eligibility to return for additional training next year. Please remain in good standing. Pre-enrollment for next year will start later this month.



Graphic Design, https://www.indeed.com/viewjob?jk=e255b70f6be7ef1d&tk=1c5bjpu5ga2grc21&from=serp&vjs=3

Digital Designer, https://www.indeed.com/viewjob?jk=e68ba3f7df071e46&tk=1c5bjpmtcafgn9br&from=serp&vjs=3

Graphic Designer,

Multimedia Artist

Graphic Artist


Graphic Designer

Motion Graphics Artist

Multimedia Design Intern

ZBrush Sculptor and Modeler

3D Artist

CAD Designer



Scholarship Opportunity

Keep wiping those desks, keyboards, and mice each day so the germs will stay away!



Before break today, please make it a priority to register for Pixlfest! Use 9827 for the code and register to attend the Animation Track all day. The t-shirts are super soft and run true to size and it's an awesome conference.

DAZZLE with INCREDIBLE work ethic and skills



What are you doing this summer?

3D Modelers should consider being an intern at Hallmark--they are now accepting applications. This summer internship is located in Kansas City, Missouri, and applications are due no later than March 1.

Congrats to Dehja

She has completed her first Work Keys exam is on her way to being certified!

Do Great Things

You enrolled in this program to learn new skills and improve your options for the future. Sometimes I know it's challenging to work hard everyday and keep going, but that's what you must do to see improvement and realize your dreams. Don't get caught up in Senioritis, too much time socialiazing, or other distractions--FOCUS!


Weekly Status Reports due before break


Thanks to ALL - you have been encouraging, supportive, and patient while classmates have been working to meet the BPA deadlines and submissions. You guys rock!

Tour coming through during afternoon

This afternoon we may have a group of administrators touring. As usual, be polite, answer questions, show off your work--treat this like a practice interview!


BPA is submitted--congrats to all who accepted this challenge! NOW back to working on curriculum and great progress!

If you haven't done Keytrain yet this week and are not exempt, get it done today. Not doing so will count against your professional enhancement grade and you will lose Classcraft points.

Wear your IT T-shirt this FRIDAY!

Those that wear it will get their name in a drawing for the chance to win FT drinkware!!


Any takers for the ACTE Awards Design contest? It's not due until May 1, and this may be our next challenge during a mini modeling blitz day next week.


We will have a group of approximately 20 students from Western Heights coming around today. Please make them feel welcome if they are in our area!



Make it an awesome week!


Sarah - shadowing after break.

Weekly Status Reports due today!

BPA Work Day - Optional | Saturday 11 - 2:30



If you haven't done Keytrain yet this week and aren't exempt, please get it done today.

First Make-Up Session for the Semester


Plans for Next Year



Peerliss has pass his last requirement for Work Keys/Keytrain and is now certified!

Insight from a Game Designer

Recently, Shane had an assignment to interview a professional in the industry. Joshua Kinney, Unity and PluralSight instrutor, shared the following.

Need help with Groceries?

Check out Project 66 to see if you qualify for assistance


Weekly Status Reports are due today before break!

If you wore your IT shirt, they will be taking a picture sometime today around break.

NO SCHOOL on Monday! Happy Birthday Cameron S.



In the spirit of starting 2018 off right, be thinking about a significant course goal you want to achieve, that can be done in the next 3 weeks, before progress reports. As I am walking around today checking progress, be ready to share your goal--be ambitious!

Don't forget to wear your IT shirt tomorrow!

Special Olympics

Cyber Seniors

AM students - if you want to volunteer to mentor a senior on Fridays, teaching them computer skills, let me know by this Friday on your weekly status report. Details:

Thanks from the Christmas Angel family we adopted . . .


Assistance with Food

If you are experiencing a challenging time and need assistance with food, please let me know--we have a few vouchers available for groceries.


Wear your IT t-shirt this Friday. We will attempt to take a group picture in the lobby before break. They will also announce the winner of the $20 gift card and the class that ordered the most shirts!!

IF you haven't done Keytrain yet and are not exempt, be sure to get it done today!


BPA Students



It's been a little challenging, but now you're getting into the routine of learning! Hopefully you are also having FUN, making great progress, getting new skills, and reading announcements!


FIRST full week of the year for learning!

Make the most of this week. If you were out all of last week, you were exempt from the Weekly Status Report, but not progress. If you were here last week, but forgot your weekly status report or were absent on Friday, please get it submitted today.


Weekly Status Reports DUE before break



Happy Birthday, Rebecca!

Adults on Flexible Schedule

Don't forget to clock in!

Support BPA

Tonight's the night - Go ice skating and support BPA at Mitch Park! See annoucements below for details.

Portfolio Reviews - Pixl Premiere!

Scholarship Opportunity - Adult Students

The Financial Aid office is now taking applications for the Otha Grimes Scholarship. It is open to all adult students. Students must fill out the form online and then print and submit it to the Financial Aid office by 4:30 Friday, January 26. Hand written applications will not be accepted.

Happy 2018

Start your year off right and convert your hard work into success!


Welcome to the BEST class on campus!

AM - Jeanine and Dehja

PM - Jeanine, Le'Moni, and Chase

BPA - All Day, Every Day--time to get some assets animated and on a timeline--you can do it, BELIEVE and CONQUER!

Congrats to our TOP PERFORMERS for the second quarter! They are listed on our Kudos page and should also recquest extra points via Classcraft.

Support BPA - Go Ice Skating


Have a safe holiday! School resumes January 3. Come back ready to learn lots and finish the semester wtih INCREDIBLE skills :)

View Animated Holiday Cards created by our 3D Students.

Happy Birthday, Whitley! Also, Caleb will be celebrating his birthday while we are on break.

Congrats to those who had PERFECT ATTENDANCE for the semester! They are listed on our Kudos page and should also recquest extra points via Classcraft.


Happy Friday!

Happy Birthday!



Kudos to Bret and Margaret!

Yippee- Should be finalizing the LAST of your grades today :)

Placeholder imageTis the season for UVMapping!

Support BPA - Go Ice Skating


Check your Classcraft Points

Sincere Thanks!

3D Ornaments

We need to have some repairs to our 3D Printer, so will not be able to print our ornaments until the week of January 8. Sorry!


AM Class - today we will have visitors at around 9:20 to do the Creature Activity. We will have break immediately after they leave. I need 22 helpers! Above and Beyond, 50 XP, and 50 Gold Pieces. Thanks!

Ornaments have started printing - probably Wednesday when they are ready to clean.

Don’t wait to buy your IT T-shirt!!

Job Flash



Order your IT T-Shirt, only $6

Placeholder imageWe will be taking orders through December 18 at the front desk. They will be delivered the week we return from school. We will wear the shirt on Friday's and special occasions. And like years past, those that wear the shirt will be eligible for drawings for prizes, AND 50 Gold Pieces on Fridays you wear your shirt.

Final Make-Up Opportunity for Semester

**Monday, December 11th from 3:30 - 6:30 at the Rockwell Campus in the Project Hope Building, Pod A & B


Happy Friday!!!



Placeholder imageWe are excited to launch our 2017 t-shirt! This year’s shirt will be short-sleeve, black, and was again a collaboration with marketing and graphic communications students. The shirt is only $6! We will be taking orders through December 18 at the front desk. They will be delivered the week we return from school.

This is the 7th year for T-Shirt sales, and money raised supports students. A dollar from each shirt sold will go BPA. We will wear the shirt on Friday's and special occasions. And like years past, those that wear the shirt will be eligible for drawings for prizes, AND 50 Gold Pieces on Fridays you wear your shirt.



Today you can work on any of the following:

Curriculum | BPA | Holiday Ornament

I'll be coming around today and tomorrow to update your Progress scores, so get LOTS done! After doing so, I can show you your grades. These must be finalized by next week.

If you haven't done Keytrain yet this week, get it done today.



BPA Prep & Holiday Card Challenge Day. LAST day to work on cards until Friday, when they are DUE. When done, post to Behance and share a link.

Also - am still finalizing Technical Scores for some of you guys.

Reminder - no more than 8 absences allowed for the semester in order to be eligible to return in January.

AM Students



Today is a day for Curriculum!

This week I will be assessing Technical Skills, if you do not already have a score.

Tomorrow you will have time to wrap up the animated holiday card and/or work on your 3D ornament.


Belated birthday wishes to Chris and Nathan--both celebrated yesterday!

Final Make-Up Opportunities for Semester

**Monday, December 4th from 3:30 - 6:30 at the Rockwell Campus in the Project Hope Building, Pod A & B
**Saturday, December 9th from 8:30 - 11:30 at the Rockwell Campus in the Administration Building, Room B1035(Foundation Room).
**Monday, December 11th from 3:30 - 6:30 at the Rockwell Campus in the Project Hope Building, Pod A & B


Creative Blitz Mini Challenge (optional)

Design a holiday ornament to be 3D Printed

Special Olympics Mid-WInter Games


Today is your LAST day of the week! Weekly Status Reports are due before break.

The INCREDIBLES2 Trailer is out!

BPA Prep - after break

Most of you should be wrapping up your Holiday Card. It is due December 8.

Creative Blitz Mini Challenge (optional)

Design a holiday ornament to be 3D Printed



If you haven't already worked on your holiday card this week, today is the day!

Remember to get your Keytrain done this week, and it's a short week.



BPA Preparation before break today

Tomorrow is the only day this week for the Holiday Card challenge (Unless you substituted Monday.)

Still gotta learn new skills and complete curriculum - be incredible!

College Expo

Special Olympics Mid-WInter Games



It's a 4-day week, and today is a day dedicated to curriculum only, so work hard!

Gillian and Emily - please see me today about an upcoming opportunity!

Hot Beverages


If you have not done so already, can you please complete this student survey? Thanks!

Diaper Bash

Adopt an Angel

We are partnering with the 2D Animation class to adopt a FT Family for Christmas. If you are able to contribute, I'll have a donation bucket our for loose change and I can do the shopping OR you can also sign up to bring a specific item. If you don't have an account, let me know and I can use mine to sign up for you.


Happy Birthday, Destin!

Can you please complete this student survey? Thanks!

BPA Preparation after break today | Holiday Card Creative Blitz workday.

NO SCHOOL the rest of this week. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!!!



Peerliss passed his Reading AND Locating Info tests and Aaron passed his Reading test. They are on their way to having KeyTrain DONE!

BPA Preparation after break - curriculum before. Today is not a holiday card workday, but tomorrow will be.

Check out these holiday fonts you may find useful in your animated greeting card.

BPA Executive Council Meeting at 8:30 & 1 - Emily & Gillian

Adopt an Angel

We are partnering with the 2D Animation class to adopt a FT Family for Christmas. If you would like to contribute, I'll have a donation bucket our for loose change and I can do the shopping OR you can also sign up to bring a specific item. If you don't have an account, let me know and I can use mine to sign up for you.


Happy Friday!

Weekly Status Report due before break.

Adopt an Angel

We are partnering with the 2D Animation class to adopt a FT Family for Christmas. If you would like to contribute, I'll have a donation bucket our for loose change and I can do the shopping OR you can also sign up to bring a specific item.

Happy Birthday, Emmanuel!

Mini-Blitz Challenge - optional

Animated Holiday Card



Thanks to all who answered questions and send me an email or Basecamp message before break - CONGRATS, all who responded leveled up in Classcraft with 900 bonus XP!

PM Class

ALL - Above & Beyond Opportunity & 50 Gold Pieces

Placeholder image



Job Flash

Are you reading announcements?

Send an email to me before break that says you are INCREDIBLE and answer the following questions. If you do, you will get a significant Classcraft bonus, TBA!

BPA Executive Council Meeting - 8:30 & 1:00

PM Class - tomorrow we should have visitors coming through and I will need volunteers to help :) Above & Beyond, Program Ambassador = 50 Classcraft points and 50 Gold Pieces if someone shadows at your desk.

Sneak Peek



Keep up the great work, learn new skills, because you WILL need them :) We have a special optional mini blitz challenge coming on Friday!

VR Tutorials and Resources have been posted to Basecamp.

Next week I will be meeting with you on Progress Reports.



Got a full week of nothing but curriculum, so you should get tons done! I will be working on Progress Reports, so if your progress is a little low, work towards improvements this week.

Happy Birthday, Paten!

Make-Up Opportunities

Modelers - Want to earn $1,000?


Happy Friday!!!!

Weekly Status Reports due before break today.

Make-Up Opportunities

Toothbrush Throwdown Kudos

Congrats to Whitley, in our AM class. Her toothbrush was voted as the top design!



Returning next semester?




AM Class - Wesley needs a ride home this week. He lives at 5309 NW 114th St in the Bluff Creek neighborhood. Can anyone help? This would be Above & Beyond.

FABULOUS job - AM class with recruitment! Don't forget to request your points via Classcraft. (30 XP, 50 Gold Pieces)

Resume workshop today -- Gillian and Dehja

Friday is the last day to bring items for the canned food drive and earn Above & Beyond.

Ready to test in WorkKeys?

Complete your registration form using the link and instructions from within this document.

Graphic Design Artists - Want to earn $500?

Modelers - Want to earn $1,000?



UCO Broncho Bash

Recruitment Activity - AM class (break 9 - 9:15)

Today is a BPA prep day - after break. AM class will substitute Wednesday due to recruitment activity.

Classcraft Point Reminders: (YOU must request via Classcraft)

NOTE - objects in bold have been increased, based on your suggestions. Additional changes may be applied in the future.

Login to Classcraft to request points. ALSO, if you have any delayed damage, your team needs to decide if they will take any action. If no action is taken within 7 days, damage will be applied.

Soon we will be updating to the newest version of Adobe CC - 2018. Check out what's new!



Discount on Groceries??

Grocery.Walmart.com is offering an additional $10 Off $50 or More on Any Grocery Pickup Order w/ promo code WMFAMILY (apply during the view your order page). Store pickup must be initiated to receive discount/offer. Offer valid through November 30, 2017.

Resume Workshop

UCO Broncho Bash

Program Ambassadors

Tomorrow we may have visitors in the classroom, and if so, I will need plenty of AM volunteers. I will let you know for certain at the begining of class tomorrow. Let me know if you can help--Thanks!



Weekly Status Reports

And then . . .

Optional Mini-Blitz Challenge--3 hrs

Your challenge is to re-invent the perfect toothbrush for the year 2030





Happy Halloween!!!!


In Classcraft, I uploaded a PDF with the rules we used for the first quarter. Please review these and let me know if you have suggestions for changes by Friday in your weekly status report.

After break, I will be meeting with students interested in BPA competition to get you all started on your projects.



Shout out to Elvis and Rebecca for helping me with my model!

Blood Drive

If you are 17 years of age, you can earn Above and Beyond if you Donate Blood.


To be a donor…..

Dress up for Halloween

All-School Make-Up Sessions



Kudos & Congrats!

Top Performers for the Quarter

Peerliss | Ernesto | Kaleb | Rebecca | Gillian

Perfect Attendance for the Quarter


Top Cookies Salesperson

Gillian; Kudos also to Emily and Adrian for selling!

Canned Food Drive

Maggie | Bret | Annie

Weekly Status Reports due today

Blood Drive

If you are 17 years of age, you can earn Above and Beyond if you Donate Blood.


To be a donor…..

Dress up for Halloween



Should be a FUN day - this morning our Advisory Board will be on campus, reviewing curriculum and making suggestions for improvements. They are the gurus from industry that help our program be one of the best! These experts may visit the classroom--be prepared to show them your work and talk about what you are learning!

If you aren't exempt, have you done Keytrain this week?

Game Design Workshop

All-School Make-Up Sessions

Award Design Contest - on your own time, but a good opportunity.

UCO Broncho Bash



Resume Workshop

If you don't yet have a resume, Ms. Rice is working with students November 6 - 8, one hour each day. You will start with a template and eventually transition it to a personalized resume. You need to sign up for this workshop--let me know before the end of this week if you want to participate.

Maya 2018 Lighting/Shading Resources

I'll be in and out collecting cookie money today, but keep working hard and make good progress--get off to a great start this quarter!



Welcome - Whitley to our AM class!

I'm in Stillwater today, please work hard and impress Mr. Pennington!!!

Inspiration & Tutorials

Cookie Orders are due TOMORROW!!!



Boss Battles today - Animation Techniques & Theory

NO SCHOOL Thursday or Friday - I hope you all enjoy an INCREDIBLE fall break!!! AND please sell those cookies :) especially if you will be competing with BPA/SkillsUSA



Everyone work hard and cram all the learning you can into this last few days of the quarter!

FUN personality test - what's your type? If you want to share, post to our 3D Class project in Basecamp. Sabrina has already started a thread for Personality Tests. This may be helpful if you will be working in teams.


Class Ambassador volunteers from our afternoon class for November 16. Let me know if you can help!



First-Year Students


Mini Blitz Challenge (Optional)


Happy Friday!

Weekly Status Reports are due today - last for the quarter.


Great Opportunities

Shout-Out to Cameron G. and Kyle for helping me out with voice-acting!

Today I'm passing out gradesheets, calculated as of the end of this quarter, so your progress may be a little low. Work hard to keep those scores up and make sure I know when you have completed different lessons--if you are below 70% on grade average OR progress, or over 4 absences for this quarter, you will be on probation next quarter. I will say this - miracles happen and people get LOTS done at the end of each quarter :) Let me know if you have questions.





Mini Blitz Challenge (Optional)


Happy Friday

Weekly Status Reports due before break :)

We are planning our Advisory Board meeting later this month. These individuals work in the industry and make suggestions for your training. Do you have any questions/topics you would like me to ask them related to the future of working in this industry? If so, include that on your Weekly Status report this week.



Keytrain done yet?

Make-Up Opportunities

Neat tutorials & Resources


MORE inspiration


Technical Skills Review

Most of you will not finish your Creative Blitz before next week, and I need to assess your skills for a Technical Skills score. I will not ask you to demonstrate anything you have not covered! SHOULD be an easy grade for you :) I need to get this done this week, so you will have a clear picture of your grade before it is finalized.

As a review, you can look over the project Competencies in your Basecamp project.

Inspiration and Resources



Happy Birthday, Dehja!

Mini Blitz Challenge (Optional)


Weekly Status Reports





Blue & Gold Orders due today!

Resources & Inspiration





Creative Blitz - Mini Challenge (Optional)

Are you going to UCO?

Scholarship Opportunities

For Incoming Freshmen

Apply by February 1 | February 1 Deadline

President’s Leadership Council
- Students are required to have achieved 3.0 cumulative high school GPA, 20 ACT and be active in a minimum of two organizations on their high school campus or in their local community.
· **12 hour tuition waiver each semester
· $2,250.00 yearly housing and meal waiver contract for Murdaugh or West Hall
· **A one-time study abroad, study tour, or alternative fall break is also awarded during the four year program: $500.00-$1,000.00
Leaders of Tomorrow:
Minimum 2.75 GPA, 20 ACT, active involvement in two or more student organizations, demonstrated community service efforts
**9 hour tuition waiver per semester
Yearly $1,250.00 housing stipend contract for Murduagh or West Hall
**A one-time stipend for a study abroad, study tour, or alternative fall break experience is also awarded: $500.00-$1,000.00

Blue & Gold Orders due TOMORROW

Job Flash








Superintendent's Leadership Academy Applications

NTHS Officer Application



Send me an email within the first 30 minutes of class with the subject line "I am Awesome!" and score some chocolate (You can also send a message from within Basecamp.)



AHOY mates--

today be Talk Like a Pirate Day, savvy?

Placeholder image Shiver me timbers! Excited to see new skills and do progress reports.

Opportunities to earn extra XP points:



I'll be back tomorrow and will start working on Progress Reports! I have graded all that was submitted as of last Friday, but didn't make any comments on Weekly Status Reports--hard to type left-handed! Thanks for the updates, however.


Blue & Gold

Placeholder image Order Forms - Digital Copy



Blue & Gold

Placeholder image Order Forms - Digital Copy

Reminder -

I'll be out this week and next Monday, but will be checking email starting tomorrow and am looking forward to an AWESOME report about the BEST class on campus! You have a very qualified substitute instructor, Mr. Pennington, that I am confident will be able to assist with questions.

Please be INCREDIBLE and if needed, help each other--but don't get distracted--keep that progress grade up! When I return, I'll be meeting with each of you for progress reports.

Hats for Harvey