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The path to follow for success is defined by our advisory board members, experts in the industry who have a significant role in customizing your training plan. We focus on competencies and resolving problems that cannot always be answered in a textbook. This level of preparation will enable you to leave prepared for college and/or a career.

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Star Wars or any Pixar film could never have been made without the blockbuster skills you can acquire in this program.

The most talented in our field are able to successfully combine the mastery of storytelling, artistry, and technology, and that’s our goal. Experience our state-of-the-art training studio incorporating motion capture, virtual reality, and 3D printing. Develop an epIK portfolio that demonstrates exceptional technical skills, advanced techniques that validate creativity and innovation, and guru-level problem-solving abilities. Add a little ingenuity, effort, teamwork, and the ability to meet deadlines while keeping your cool.

You’ll acquire unique skills, gain confidence, and develop a portfolio that can help you compete for scholarships. Autodesks’ Oscar-winning software, Maya is the primary application our program utilizes. You will gain valuable experience that will help you stand out from the crowd while utilizing additional CGI tools including Photoshop, Illustrator, Animate, After Effects, Apple Final Cut Pro, ZBrush, MotionBuilder, and Unity.

Don’t be average—go for blockbuster skills!